Hydralyte Electrolyte Liquid Apple Blackcurrant 1L


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Hydralyte Electrolyte Liquid Apple Blackcurrant 1L

Hydralyte Ready to use Electrolyte Solution Apple Blackcurrant relieves symptoms of dehydration and helps replace water and electrolytes lost due to vomiting, diarrhoea, heavy sweating, vigorous exercises and occasional hangovers.

Dehydration due to:
– Vomiting & diarrhoea.
– Heat.
– Travel.
– Vigorous exercise.
– Heavy sweating.
– Occasional hangover.
– Heat & excessive exercise at work.

Signs of mild dehydration
Sticky or dry mouth, increased thirst, lethargy, decreased urine output, dark yellow urine.

Suitable For: Paediatric use. Suitable for use during pregnancy.

Product Claims: No added gluten, Kosher Certified.

Size: 1L


• No added Gluten
• No artificial flavours
• Kosher Certified
• Suitable for use during pregnancy
• Suitable for Paediatric use