Ring Pop Candy Lollies Box for Kids X 24 Units


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Ring Pop Candy Lollies Box for Kids X 24 Units

  • HALLOWEEN CANDY GEMS: Unwrap the Halloween fun with our iconic wearable hard candy lollipop ring, a perfect treat for Halloween!
  • TRICK OR TREAT CANDY: Deliver a memorable trick or treat experience with a variety of Ring Pop flavors!
  • BULK LOLLIPOPS: 24 individually-wrapped shelf stable Ring Pop lollipops per bag make them great pantry items.
  • ASSORTED CANDY FLAVORS: Contains a selection of 6 mouth-watering fruity flavors: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Twisted Berry Blast and Sour Cherry, and Very Berry Punch, so everybody can have their favorite!
  • SHELF-STABLE TREATS: Perfect snacks to store after a night of trick or treating for kids and the whole family to enjoy. Or bring to your next Halloween party, because hangouts are way more fun with Ring Pop!