Thanos Earth-18138 Punisher 6" Pop! Vinyl Figure


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Marvel – Punisher Thanos 6″ Super Sized Pop! Vinyl Figure

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more kickarse, Thanos goes and takes on the moniker of The Punisher in Cosmic Ghost Rider, the epic arc in the Thanos comic series.

That series took Thanos to the end of all time as the final immortal being of the Marvel Universe, with nobody by his side besides Frank Castle, the last Ghost Rider. After witnessing his evil up close, Frank went back in time to kidnap Thanos as a baby, hoping to change history so that the purple Eternal never became a murderous monster. Unfortunately he simply grew up like his old man!

Featuring Thanos wearing his epic Punisher gear from the comics, as well as standing at an imposing 6” tall, this Punisher Thanos Pop! Vinyl Figure is a must for any true Marvel fan.

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